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FM Stereo, however, is a bit more difficult to home-brew. I wanted to avoid the poor frequency control of the Ramsey FM-10C (with the BA1404 chip), and the low modulation of the little iPod FM transmitters you find for use in the car – although frequency control is quite good on these, the audio on these is just terrible.
Below, you see a new 7 pin tube socket for each of the new tubes and the ribbon cable tying the original socket to the new one. Of course, I could only use one tube at a time. _____ The AES AM Transmitter rebuilt! Using a single, shielded, 12CS6. Much neater now! Taking a idea from the current Nixie Tube Clocks, I've placed a green LED at the ...

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High quality stainless steel tube encapsulation waterproof moistureproof prevent rust Stainless steel tube size:Approx.6*50mm(Diameter*Length) 9 ~ 12 adjustable resolution Power supply range:3.0V-5.5V Operating temperature range: -55°C - +125°C (-67°F - +257°F) Storage temperature range: -55°C to - 125°C (-67°F - +257°F)
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One of my first Home Brew projects was a "junk box"one tube CW 40 meter xmtr.. (see the schematic.). I am an avid fan of Ebay auctions and often see *very* simple Morse stations from yester year going for a hundred (or more) dollars .. in particular the Ameco AC-1 novice transmitter.
So I built this AM tube transmitter last spring that I made from an old radio chassis and built in a transmitting tube (a russian analog of 6L6). And now I want an upgrade!
80 Meter Tube Transmitter by SM5GNN This is a variation of the triode/pentode family of glowbug 80-meter CW Transmitter by K9PPW This is a schematic of Bob's homebrew QRP transmitter.
Glowbugs - homebrew (DIY) tube gadgets, receivers and transmitters, dedicated to the Golden Era of Amateur Radio. Generally, any small, home-built tube-type transmitter or receiver may be referred to as a glowbug. The majority of glowbug transmitters are designed to be used in the CW radiotelegraphy mode.
Dec 07, 2019 · The style of the transmitters are based on [Ralph Hartley]’s oscillator circuit built for Bell Telephone in 1915. Most of the components he uses are from the time period, and one of the tubes he uses is even one of four tubes from the first Transatlantic contact in 1923.[…] Click here to continue reading at Hackaday.
In addition to solid state projects on circuit boards, I built a 1 tube 1 watt 40 meter CW transmitter from and I built a 1 tube QRP transmitter based around a 12K5 tube from a kit produced by NN8G. Kit building and fixing older gear is great, but I still wanted to actually build a transmitter from nothing but a schematic ...
Tube seller guarantees their tubes to meet manufacturer's specs. They had Red Plate Eimac tubes in the transmitter. I never forgot that visit.
Transmitter Interior - top The larger tube is a 6146. The smaller tube is a 6CL6. The green cylindrical thing to the left of the 6146 is the plate choke. The red cylindrical thing below the plate choke is the output tank coil. Both the plate choke and the tank coil were rewound for operation on 1710 kHz.
Drake T-4XB H.F. Transmitter. A number of years ago I bought this Drake T-4XB to match my R-4B H.F. receiver that I bought new in the early 1970's. I originally wanted the receiver to use with VHF/UHF converters. The T-4XB is a mainly tube design SSB/CW/AM H.F. transmitter.
Have you ever wanted to broadcast your own radio station within the neighborhood? Ever get curious on where people get those "Surveillance Bugs" from spy and...
Here's the transmitter. The terminal posts at top left are for B+ and ground and the two banana jacks above the tube are for the filament supply. Key jack is at the right end and the UHF coax connector is hidden beneath the tank coil at the left.
Homebrew Hammered Ham 6DQ6 Tube CW Transmitter Demo D-lab. Cool tube type, crystal controlled Ham CW Transmitter. I did not build it, just repaired.
Mar 03, 2008 · Homebrew Regenerative and Crystal Radios ... This is a replica of a WWII spy radio receiver and transmitter. 3-8 Mc/s, about 6-7 watts RF out. ... Best one-tube ...
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2-tube QRP homebrew transmitter. First things first: SAFETY- When you play with 5 V and 12 V solid state circuits almost exclusively, you may lack an appreciation for the danger associated with working...This community is for Homebrewing in D&D for all versions. Although the focus will be on D&D, please feel free to incorporate ideas from other games in your homebrews.In the circuit above, the high current RF tube path is in a loop from C1 andC6, through the tube anode-cathode resistance, through C5, to the bottom of C1. The tank circulating currents are through C1, L1, C2, and back through ground to C1. The tank path, C1-L1-C2 and back to C1 ground is by

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Homebrew Two Tube Regenerative Radio. Actuallyoptician. 4:07. Homebrew Ham Radio Antenna Mount for Camping. Frank Levi. 1:53. 1921 Spark Gap Transmitter / Ham Radio. Lifestyle.• Goal: Build a real homebrew transceiver for 40 CW, consisting of: –R1 DC receiver and a proven VFO circuit –3 stage MKII 5W+ transmitter –Universal VFO –Suitable for R1 and its successor, the Mini-R2 –Norcal Keyer –Upgrade to Mini-R2 receiver

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Barker & Williamson - manufacturing HF antennas and masts for military, government, EOC, and commercial use. These antennas are broadband for ALE and do not require a tuner. Author 2e0dfu Posted on 21/05/2016 21/05/2016 Categories 1 Watter, Homebrew, Projects, QSB-01 (qrp-tech synchronous buildathon) Tags 1Watter, Homebrew, K7QO, QSB-01 1Watter YouTube video resources

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The homebrew 100Khz calibrator mounted in an HR-10B receiver. Power for the calibrator is taken from the octal socket terminals below the chassis (3 wires fed through the octal socket guide post hole)). This arrangement allows the calibrator to be controlled by the original front panel slide switch. HW-100 and HW-101 LMOs You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart. Video Transmitters. New to drone and FPV (First Person View)?Four Tube (TOOB) SSB transmitter with 10 Watts output, See Editor's and Engineers, Radio Handbook, 18th Edition (W6SAI), and the Transistor Radio Handbook from Les Earnshaw (ZL1AAX) and Don Stoner (W6TNS) circa 1963. This predates the IC-705 and the FTdx10. (Costs less too!) Happy New Year! 73's Pete N6QW December 26 --- Fun With Homebrew Rigs.

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The Power Supply for the 40-30 transmitter is a modified version of the "Economy Power Supply" featured in the ARRL handbooks. It produces 265VDC for the driver section of the transmitter, 500VDC for the power amplifier tube and 6.3V for the tube filaments. Construction. The transmitter was built into a 3"x4"x10" aluminum utility box. High quality stainless steel tube encapsulation waterproof moistureproof prevent rust Stainless steel tube size:Approx.6*50mm(Diameter*Length) 9 ~ 12 adjustable resolution Power supply range:3.0V-5.5V Operating temperature range: -55°C - +125°C (-67°F - +257°F) Storage temperature range: -55°C to - 125°C (-67°F - +257°F)

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N900 Electric Radio Index Don Buska, N900, began keeping the Electric Radio back issue database many years ago, and it's been a valuable resource ever since.Please note that not all issues are readily available in inventory. Air flow differential pressure transmitter for measuring difference between pitot tube and static port pressure up to 1000 hectopascals. This version of the DPS 300 differential pressure transmitter has a 0…1000 hectopascal range with a square root extraction (sqrt) 4…20 milliamp current output which follows the same characteristic curve for flow vs pressure, and thus provides a linear ...

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Apr 22, 2005 · Homebrew ingenuity, imperfection, and "making do" abounds in the K0JD shack. A mix of dead-bug, homemade and commercial PC boards, big old ceramic disks from the junk box and brand spankin' new surface mount parts, old boatanchor VFOs and fancy DDS synthesis, all live side by side. Homebrew grounded-grid 160 meter amplifier based on GI-7B tube (click here for more photos and schematic) Homebrew 10-watt 160-meter AM transmitter (click here for more photos and schematic) Homebrew 160-meter AM receiver (click here for more photos and schematic) The Two Tube Tuna Tin Transmitter. (click here for schematic) (click here for ...

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Mar 28, 2017 · A QRP transmitter is designed to transmit at really low powers. The accepted upper power limit for QRP transmitters is 5 W, at least for modes like CW using FM or AM modulation.

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N0XY, Michael's Homebrew MOPA Transmitter - Uses 6AG7 - 6L6 tubes. Online Catalogs and Other Technical Publications - Transformer and tube data, primarily. OPCOM's Electronics Index - Articles, pictures, and schematics on all kinds of electronics. High quality stainless steel tube encapsulation waterproof moistureproof prevent rust Stainless steel tube size:Approx.6*50mm(Diameter*Length) 9 ~ 12 adjustable resolution Power supply range:3.0V-5.5V Operating temperature range: -55°C - +125°C (-67°F - +257°F) Storage temperature range: -55°C to - 125°C (-67°F - +257°F)